Oct 17 2017

The Best Data Backup Strategy for Small Businesses

by Scott Mainellis Many small businesses do not consider data backup to be very important. Some common excuses are: “Our systems are too new to crash”; “We’ve never lost data before”; “We’re too small to get hacked”; or “Backup systems are too expensive.” Obviously, these are not good reasons. None of them justifies taking on […]

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Sep 29 2017

Local vs. Cloud Hosting: Which Is Better?

by Scott Mainellis These days, small businesses have a variety of options when it comes to hosting their information technology (IT) systems and services such as e-mail, the company website, applications like QuickBooks or Microsoft Office, file storage, and data backup. Businesses can put all or none of it in the cloud, or have a […]

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Aug 23 2017

What Is the Best Anti-Virus Strategy?

Hearing about scary big-corporate data breaches has become part of life. Financial institutions, large companies, entertainment giants, and even hospital systems continue to be targeted. And we are all aware of the incessant identity theft attempts on us regular folks who use e-mail and the Internet for work, education, and fun. Perhaps not as much […]

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Jul 24 2017

What’s the Smartest Choice in an IT Service Provider? (Part 4)

In this series, after hearing about the positives and negatives (okay, mostly negatives) of both managed (service contract) information technology (IT) services and time-and-materials (break-fix) IT services, you may be asking yourself, is there a smarter choice? Yes, there is. You have the option to choose an IT service provider who values relationships. They are out […]

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Jul 18 2017

What’s Your Smartest Choice in an IT Service Provider? (Part 3)

In part three of this series, we continue to explore the pros and cons of managed (service contract) information technology (IT) services and time-and-materials (break-fix) IT services. We are seeking the smartest choice for small businesses. So far we have seen difficulties with each IT service provider model. Problems include paying for services when no […]

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