Network Setup

Network Management, Network Security

A Network Tailored to Your Needs

Up & Running provides the following strategically designed services and systems:

Cloud Services:

Clear up “cloud” confusion and:

  • Access your data from anywhere.
  • Sync your mobile devices with each other and your desktop/laptop.
  • Ensure reliable data retrieval and security.
  • Decrease maintenance issues.


Network Services:

Optimize employee productivity with a network that works quickly and efficiently. With complete network installation, we will turn your network into a powerful, reliable workhorse, including:

  • Infrastructure building via routers, switches, and cabling
  • Wireless networks
  • Power protection and climate control
  • Setup of servers and workstations
  • Internet connectivity
  • Installation of applications
  • Troubleshooting


Custom-Designed Server Configuration

  • Shared file storage and printing
  • On-site hosting of e-mail and/or Web server
  • Database servers
  • Remote access for off-site productivity
  • LAN/WAN setup and maintenance