What We Offer

IT Computer Management, Computer Consulting

Complete Network Installation

  • Infrastructure building via routers, switches, and cabling
  • Power protection and climate control
  • Setup of servers and workstations
  • Internet connectivity
  • Installation of applications
  • Troubleshooting


Server Configuration

Custom-designed servers, including:

  • Shared file storage and printing
  • Hosting your own e-mail or Web server
  • Database servers
  • Remote access for off-site productivity
  • LAN/WAN setup and maintenance


Hardware Care

  • Maintenance (prevent problems to reduce your “down” time)
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Upgrades


Network Security

  • Data backup system
  • Power protection (from surges, sags, brownouts, and blackouts)
  • Complete Internet security
  • Virus protection


Disaster Recovery

Strategic planning for rescuing your data in an emergency situation.