Maximize Your Computers & Network

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Take Care of Your Computers
(and They Will Take Care of You)

The right technology can help you work faster and more productively. The wrong technology can slow you down and hamper your success. Equipment that is old and out of date or in ill-repair can jeopardize not only the quality of your work but also the safety and security of your data. And loss of data can be devastating for a business that relies on computers to track customers, products, or services.

If you transform your company’s computers from fancy typewriters into powerful workhorses, you can see significant growth in productivity. You can also improve employee morale and customer service. Here are some examples:

  • Simply tuning up your computers can get those machines running faster, reducing that frustrating finger-tapping time for employees as they wait for data retrieval. In fact, any computer more than two to three years old would do well to receive a tune-up and memory upgrade. Everyone is happier when the computers are working well — employees, customers, and the boss.
  • Enabling remote access allows you to retrieve or share important information, enhancing performance and communications during off-site projects and assignments. Remote access also increases workplace flexibility and job satisfaction because it allows employees to work from home or while traveling on business. Happier employees do better work.
  • Consider the speed of your network. A faster network connection can enhance productivity.
  • The speed of your internet connection also impacts productivity. If you don’t have an appropriate amount of bandwidth, everything else slows down while workers wait for downloads and uploads to complete processing.
  • Many workers (accounting, design, engineering, legal, production, publishing, etc.) can benefit from the use of dual monitors at their workstations, a benefit that increases multitasking and efficiency.


Up & Running can help you maximize your network’s performance to help you work smarter and faster.