Achieve Internet Security

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Why Do You Need Internet Security?

These days, virus-protection software is no longer enough to keep businesses secure from Internet marketers and troublemakers.

Today’s businesses need to have complete Internet security for their networks and any other computers that use the Internet. Your network can fall prey to both viruses and “malware,” which includes spyware, adware, and even keystroke loggers (programs that keep track of what you type to capture your personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and financial data). These are very real dangers that could wreak havoc on your business.

A complete Internet security plan includes a layered approach to protect your data and equipment. You should start with a Firewall appliance, which acts as a gatekeeper between you and the Internet. The next layer includes protection software on each server and workstation, to prevent unintentional infection from tainted files unknowingly brought in by employees.

You should also have a disaster-recovery plan in the unlikely event your security plan fails or some other catastrophe hits your office. Up & Running can recommend and install a complete protection package specific for your network needs to keep hackers and other Internet troublemakers out of your business.